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ximajs asked
I feel like I missed out not being into pokémon when I was younger.. I never played the games (until last year) and I only had a few cards because my mum didn't need them (for a quiz at the school where she worked). I really wanna try drawing some of them though. Both regulars and fusions, but.. I should read for finals.. and I'm not in a drawing mood..

I watched the show a little and had a couple cards that friends were nice enough to give me (or I found on the floor in playgrounds), but I’ve only been able to play since being with Mike because he’s practically given me his Gameboy and Pokemon Blue.

I have an idea of turning Sips and Sjin from the Yogscast into team Rocket… But like I said, hands are too shaky right now. =/

ximajs asked
Awww, all the adorable pokémon! ^___^

I knoooooow! I really want to try a few fusions myself but I feel like I can’t draw at the moment. My hands are shaking so violently… =[


Hey Tumblr here’s a bunch of Pokémon fusions I drew.

Chanoom, Fartle, Lickipuff, Railett, Seenat.



Okay last one for tonight I promise

dear god it looks like a slobbery flying jellybean


I did another thing.

This one is marginally scarier than a Wigglypoke…